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Your height. It's just genetics, right?

Actually, no. If you grew up in a country without proper toilets, the chances are you'd have lost a fair few inches along the way.

How tall would you be?

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So somewhere between a grasshopper and a giraffe. Perfect!

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Available data only applies to participants born in the US — we are looking at adding more countries soon.

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Wow! The results are in – and they're pretty surprising.

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So , puts you the average height.

But if you’d grown up in you could be a full shorter – in large part because you didn't have access to a basic human right: a decent toilet.

Desperate to know why? Share your result, then let's talk toilets:

Undernutrition is a complex issue with a multitude of factors playing a role. The WaterAid Height Calculator is a simplified tool to highlight the link between sanitation and undernutrition. It is based on the best available data but we make no claims as to its scientific accuracy.

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OK, so lots of things can affect your height, but can having a toilet really make you taller?

The answer is yes – and it's not difficult to see how:

If you were growing up without a proper toilet, where would you go instead?

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? That's not very hygienic now is it, If?

In the absence of a proper toilet, germs spread fast and can even contaminate your drinking water.

You'd likely get diarrhea or another infection, which would make things worse.

You'd start to get weak. Your body would stop absorbing vital nutrients – the nutrients you need for your brain to develop. And, of course, for your body to grow.

These aren’t just short-term effects. The consequences last a lifetime.

How can I help end this sh!t situation?
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Tell the 2016 Presidential candidates that everyone everywhere deserves a toilet and clean water.

It’s as simple as that! Join thousands of people around the world, ask your government to reach the one in three kids without a decent toilet by 2030.

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Together we can make sure everyone grows up to reach their potential.

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Thank you! Signing our petition makes you a sanitation superhero in our book, .

And there's even more you can do to champion the life-saving toilet – just ask your nearest and dearest to find out how tall they could have been too by sharing the calculator: